The General

The General

By O’Ceallaigh

"The General"

“The General”

When I take my walk every morning the most distant point from my house is The General.

That not its real name, but over the years that what it’s come to be called. Its real name is The ASHVILLE GENERAL STORE.   It’s an old frame building circa 1900, maybe more, maybe less. For as long as I can remember it has been white, crying to be yellow. It’s situated on the banks of Goose Creek.

Back in the old days it was known by the farmers in the area as ‘da Feed Store. You know, we farmers sort of have our own lingo; “I’m goin’ ‘da go dawon ta’ ‘da Feed store. Mom! Gotta git some cow feed an’ chicken mash!”

The big old white Feed Store is where they would end up.

Somewhere along the stream of time, GLF took it over. GLF was an acronym for, I don’t know, Grand Livestock Feeds, maybe, maybe not. But there it was. I was there a few times to buy some piece of hardware. Yes, they sold some hardware, too.

Then Agway, another farm supply outfit bought GLF and it became Molly’s Agway, or something. Agway ultimately abandoned the small town and Molly started her own business there. Salvage or something, I don’t know. But, she did well!

When Molly moved to larger quarters and a bigger and different operation, the old building sat vacant. Then something wonderful happened. A young kid just out of High School changed everything! She painted it yellow!!

Now little Ashville had nursed a little grocery store in years past but it was a tough row to hoe. Under funded, the guy couldn’t keep stock on the shelves and when there’s no stock it translates to no customers. So, there you have the proverbial vicious cycle! He went out of business.

Now this girl; yup, that’s what I said! This girl walks into town and opens The ASHVILLE GENERAL STORE! What’s more, she seemed to have an innate skill for what people want and need! She stocked the shelves! Stuff moved and she replaced it with more and expanded the lines of product.

Next she installed a Submarine-sandwich shop! She Scores!!

Expanded again!

Served Pizza!

Let me tell you about the pizza. There were many assorted pizzas and toppings and they were all delicious! But there was one, “The General!” It was a veritable kitchen sink topping of multi-veggies and cheeses with peppers, mushrooms, and a white sauce that was out of this world.

The take out Large was enough to feed two families! Maybe less. It depends. If it didn’t feed two families, they were eating too much anyway.

But, did you get the name of the pizza?

“The General.”   The name stuck!

Not just for the pizza, but for the big yellow building situated on the banks of Goose Creek.

Now, when I walk by at 6:45 (0645 for you Vets) there are cars, trucks, campers and 18 wheelers (sometimes) parked there and THE GENERAL is the main attraction at the four corners of Ashville.

There are probably more people in THE GENERAL on these occasions that there are in the entire village.

But, that’s the way it is in such a friendly place. – I’ve just got to stop there sometime!

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4 Responses to The General

  1. Rod Peterson says:

    When I lived in Ashville in the ’50s, there were at least TWO little grocery stores, right next to each other. The one we patronized was Stan Loomis’, next to the post office. The other one practically next door to Stan’s on the other side from the post office was Lloyd’s (I think) . I was too young (born in ’46) to understand the economics of even one small grocery store in a town the size of Ashville, but this was mostly in the days before Loblaws, Super Duper, and Jamesway. Plus those were all past Lakewood, practically in Jamestown. Might as well have been in Pennsylvania for all I knew. Of course there was also Hellman”s, but that was still a semi-expedition to reach.

    My years in Ashville are spotty–’46-51, ’54-’56, brief periods in ’57-’58, then back to Florida where we’d spent ’56-’57. I’ve been back to the Ashville/Lakewood area many times over the years, but never for longer than two weeks. I only have one aunt left and a handful of cousins, and it’s quite possible I may never be back. But I do have plenty of fond memories. I’ll try not to clutter up your blog with them.


  2. Avon Park. On Rt 27 just above Sebring.


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