The Sequence of Autumn

Sequence of Autumn

By O’Ceallaigh

101_1010For several years now I’ve been rising early in the morning, about 6:00 AM, dressing appropriately and striking out on my morning walk. Yesterday was as normal as apple pie. I walked through the dim light made even more occluded by the fog hanging low in the trees. With the sun shrouded, the leaves went unnoticed – they looked green as usual.

Walking down the little hill by Audrey’s house the trees formed a trellis effect over the street enclosing me in my thoughts. It was cold and the fog was damp on the nape of my neck. I pulled my hoodie up over my cap, the cap that said “I (Heart) Jesus” on the front of it. The fleece of the hoodie felt good – warm.

A crow hollered from a snag of a tree beyond the trellis.

“Hello, Jim,” I called. He answered, “Caw!”

My grandfather had a couple of pet crows on his farm. Uriah Crows

He would carry a pocketful of corn and they would fly to him and land on his head or shoulder and take the corn from Grandpa’s hand. He called one of them “Jim.” I don’t remember what he called the other one. Maybe “Rufus,” I don’t know.

Past the swamp I didn’t hear a sound. The frogs and peepers were long gone. They’re spring creatures, you know. They come out of the mud and the first thing they think of is frogs or peepers of the opposite sex. The peepers sometimes get so loud that one can hardly sleep. I miss them when they’re gone. The frogs, they just “croak” as frogs always do.

I recall once after a spring rain there was a large puddle in the neighbor’s yard about a hundred feet across. His yard was just opposite my back fence. After about three days the puddle was still there and I had occasion to do something in the back yard. It probably wasn’t important, but when I went out the back door and flipped on the flood lights there must have been 10,000 shining eyes looking right at me from that puddle.

I marveled at them! It was not too long before they were back at their song, 5,000 mouths with big bubbles under their chins, looking for little girl peepers. I finished whatever it was I was doing and turned off the flood lights and left them to their – whatever it was that nature commanded.

I miss the peepers!

It was time to turn around on my walk and go back home. I headed up the street. The sun was up now and as I started up the little hill by Audrey’s house and headed under the trellis I noticed that, in the sunlight, the leaves above had imperceptibly turned. Under my feet, some of them were rustling and crunching.

I realized that, while walking, and musing in my own thoughts, I had begun to pass through something.

The Sequence of Autumn.

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