The Mitigation of an Institution

By O’Ceallaigh

A 6,000 year institution, established by God Himself, has, with the stroke of a pen, so to speak, been abrogated and severed from the traditional family.

Marriage has been redefined.  Wrong has been made right, right has been made wrong, – Sacred Writ has been mitigated and eviscerated.  For today, Culture rules!

But, Eternity looms!

How do we deal with this ideology?

I wrote a brief statement sometime ago stating, “False assumptions are misleading and build faulty foundations. They do not alter the truth,”

This may sound profound, but it is relatively simple in principle.

Truth is truth. It does not change. It progresses. But the foundational truths remain.  New “truth” which changes the foundational principle of a Truth is not Truth with a capitol T. It is an egregious stand-in for Truth.

So, in reality, this changes nothing in our lives.

If you are of the Gay community, chalk up a victory for your social structure.

If you’re a person of faith, simply continue living your faith.  “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone!  Dare to have a purpose firm!  Dare to make it known.”

Daniel was a teen when taken to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar in 606 BC.  When taken, he decided on the way that he would continue to live according to his beliefs and principles regardless of circumstances.  The result was that he was ultimately made Prime Minister of that foreign country and was then thrown into a den of lions for rejecting a ridiculous law enacted to entrap him.

He miraculously survived the lions, and earned the respect of the King who was forced to put him there.  In an encounter with the Angel Gabriel he was told that he was “a man greatly beloved!”

So, I will continue to live my life, serving my God and my fellow man, whether they be straight, gay or somewhere in between.  All are undeserving as am I.  But the blood of Jesus, the Christ of God, was shed for them, as it was for me.

All are equal in His sight.  All are equal at his cross. If they accept Him and His sacrifice for them, and follow Him and His principles, His promise is for them, too, just as it is for me.  Keep your eyes fixed on Him!

Forward on your knees!

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