It’s A Beautiful Morning


By O’Ceallaigh

Good Morning, Lord!  It’s a beautiful morning! – If only these aches and pains would subside!

But, because of sin in this world You had to take away the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden.  What would we have done with immortality?  Look what we’ve done with what You’ve given us in our brief three-score and ten years!

After 6,000 years we are still totally selfish.  Even when we claim to be ‘working’ for You!  Even then, we spin Your work to our own selfish ends.  We take what You have done through us and add to our pride by touting that it’s what we have done. 

Oh, we still give cursory credit to You, but it is our pride that is stroked!  It is our success that we display for the world to see!  You get buried in or corporate self acclaim!

Why do You bless our efforts at all?

Is it to show Your love for us?  For them?  Those for whom we perform our ‘Good Deeds’? Is it because of Your very nature of Love?  Yes, I suppose it is.jesus-help-me

But in a larger sense,  I’m beginning to see that it is because of the idea of ‘Theodicy’; a Defense of You, God, against the malignant innuendo and outright lies that have been rendered against You and Your rule – Your system of government – impugning your very nature and character for millennia!

I’m beginning to see that Your plan to salvage Your government extends far beyond just saving us, the miserable wretches who sucked up the lies in the first case, way back in Eden.  But, it reaches all the way down to this end of Time’s spectrum to where we live. We, the very same miserable wretches whom You will use to demonstrate just how far Your Grace extends!

1 universe
All the way to the security of the entire Universe!

Yes, Lord, God of the Universe, Creator of all things, It is a beautiful morning!

Keep on working with us!

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